GGFE HOA - About Us

Who we are

The Greater Grays Ferry Estates is a community representing a pocket of hope and positive change replacing a once socially-blighted public housing project known as the Tasker Homes Project. Previously a desolate, inhospitable site of urban decay, high crime, and racial tension, the approx. 10 block radius has been cosmetically and socially revitalized with brick-faced homes, tree-lined streets, and a diverse demographic of moderate-income residents who take great pride in their community and its environments.



Currently, the Greater Grays Ferry Estates are comprised of 123 home ownerships and approx. 100 rental properties. It is also the home for the Conswiller Pratt Apartment Building, boasting 72 modern apartment units for seniors and a state-of-the-art Senior Care Center on its bottom floor. This new and diverse resident populace poises Grays Ferry to enjoy a unique opportunity for economic and social upturn, making the “Forgotten Bottom,” (as Grays Ferry was once commonly called), a forgotten nickname.

Our residents are driven by the desire to preserve the newly-renovated area by donating personal time to the development and support of community events, block parties, clean-block initiatives, homeowner’s association meetings, local police service area meetings, and initiatives of Community Development Corporations.

GGFE Homeowners Association

The Greater Grays Ferry Estates has a self-managed Homeowner’s Association whose main goal is to protect the investment of individual homeowners by upholding a standard of building integrity and uniformity throughout the properties under its jurisdiction. At the time of purchase, homeowners are made aware of the significance of an association and agree to be held to the association’s bylaws and covenants. While the association serves a crucial role in preserving the aesthetics of the urban landscape, it is also engaged in fostering interaction with local authorities, and facilitating collaboration with community development corporations whose main goal is addressing dangerous economic and educational vulnerabilities in neighboring areas.

Please note that GGFE-HOA is not affiliated with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and does not offer any rentals or waiting lists for properties.


GGFE ARC Committee – is made up of GGFE homeowners who are sensitive to maintaining property value and the original design of homes in the area. The ARC Committee members are tasked with providing guidance to neighbors regarding building codes and zoning requirements. The committee is responsible for examining the impact of remodeling-work and encouraging consistency and harmony as it relates to the existing landscape.

Proactive Police Involvement

The Conswiller B. Pratt Senior Center, located within the Greater Grays Ferry Community, on 3001 Moore Street hosts Police Service Area (PSA 2) Community Meetings on a monthly basis. Local police officers interact with community members and address specific concerns every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

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