Thank you for visiting the Greater Grays Ferry Estates Homeowners Association website. The goal of this Website is to keep you informed about your Homeowners Association (HOA) community.

Since 2005, you, the homeowners of Greater Grays Ferry Estates, have controlled the HOA via a volunteer homeowner elected board of directors consisting of homeowner representatives. As fellow homeowners, we share the same motivation to ensure that our investment in our homes is looked after while protecting and preserving the rights of all homeowners.

Keep in mind that the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are meant to protect the rights of each individual while maintaining an agreeable limit of decorum to ensure that a neighbor’s property values and way of life are not adversely affected.

Should you find the need to bring up a violation to the board team, ask a question about the CC&Rs or wish to compliment the board on a job well done, simply call, drop a note or send an e-mail to, the board team serving Greater Grays Ferry Estates HOA.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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The Greater Grays Ferry W Estates Homeowners Association is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation serving 123 residents of the Greater Grays Ferry Estates which is part of the revitalization program in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia. All members of the board receive no compensation for their services. All contributions and involvements are for the success of the association and quality of life in our community.