GGFE-HOA Property Identity

April 4, 2012

On the Saturday, February 20th, 2010 HOA Member Meeting, the issue of the PHA
signs in our community was first brought to the table. At this meeting, it was discussed
what possible “negative” stigmatisms may result from these signs in our community. It was
suggested these PHA signs support the public perception that the entire GGFE Community
is public housing.

WE ARE HOMEOWNERS and most of the homeowners in attendance
were unhappy with the signs. Since this HOA meeting, the GGFE-HOA Board of Directors
felt the need to met with Malvin Reyes from PHA’s Homeownership Division to present our
concerns. The Board scheduled a meeting with PHA on April, 12th, 2010.

At this meeting with PHA, the GGFE-HOA Board expressed our members concerns
and presented possible solutions such as amending the signs to include recognition of the
homeowners in our community, placing GGFE-HOA signage adjacent to the existing PHA
signs, allotting space for the GGFE-HOA to erect our own signs and sponsoring GGFE-
HOA signs by the I-76 exit off of Vare Ave. After this initial meeting with PHA, there were
sporadic updates, but no definite answers and / or solutions from PHA. Although there has
been recent speculation of PHA’s interest in resolving the signage issue of our GGFE-HOA
members, there has been no official communication.

Not waiting on PHA’s possible assistance, the GGFE-HOA Board of Directors is actively
seeking alternative solutions on behalf of the community in regards to the Association’s
identity. These alternatives include, but are not limited to placing our own signs in strategic
locations throughout the Association as well as placing flags with the GGFE-HOA logo
on light posts and/ or on individual homes.

The Board is in communication with several
independent sign companies in our area and is looking forward to presenting these ideas
as well as other possible plans at upcoming HOA meetings. If this is a topic of particular
interest to you & your family, be on the lookout for notification of these meetings discussing